Kilimanjaro Treks – Fixed Group Departures

Below we have our Scheduled  Kilimanjaro tours dates in 2023 and 2024. You don’t need to trek on these dates shown below. We publish them only for the trekkers who wish to climb with others they don’t already know.

The majority of our clients choose their own dates for their Kilimanjaro trip(at an additional cost), though most request us to open up their climbs for others to join – simply so as to have extra company on the trek.

If you decide to join a group, you don’t need to worry about crowds. Except by special request and agreement, our climbs are limited to 10 trekkers so as to ensure that the guide can closely monitor everyone’s condition, ensure all their needs are being met, and that everyone has the chance to speak to the guide about anything that’s on their mind.

Join the thousands of climbers who have stood on the Mount Kilimanjaro Summit Guided by Kilimanjaro Heroes Team

Kilimanjaro Trek – Group Joining Dates in 2023


Kilimanjaro Trek – Group Joining Dates in 2024