Operated by experienced mountain and Safari Guides

Kilimanjaro Heroes Adventures LTD  is founded and operated by passionate, highly experienced and qualified mountaineering and wildlife Safari professionals. We use our personal knowledge and experience to design adventure trips that will exceed your wildest expectations. The company is run by elite mountaineers and professional climbing guides. We are certified mountaineers qualified with Advance Safaris and Mountaineering and Rescue courses. We are represented on SafariBookings.com.

Genuine and authentic company

Kilimanjaro Heroes Adventures Ltd. is a government registered company and a trusted brand in mountaineering, peak climbing and Safaris in Tanzania. The company is established under TIN Number 138-851-931 and Tourism TALA License 012292

We are a reliable, reputed, genuine and authentic company committed to the safety of our guests.

Pre-Trip guidance and support

The preparations you make prior to your expedition are crucial to the success of your expedition. Starting from helping you choose the right adventure to actually making it a memorable one, we guide you through all the stages and provide help and support when required. In addition to our talented guides, our full-time operations team ensures that every climber is properly prepared for the adventure. From extensive training and fitness resources, to equipment gear guides, and team communications, we are devoted to making sure that every climber arrives in the mountains prepared and excited about the adventure ahead.

Customized trips at best price

We offer a range of destinations and departure dates and are open to itinerary adaptations as well as organising customised trips. You can choose from our short weekend treks, multiple days trekking on Kilimanjaro or Mt. Meru, and also Daytrips expeditions. Whether you are looking for a multi-day trek or a more challenging mountaineering expedition, our team at Kilimanjaro Heroes Adventures will help match you to the best possible experience for you.

Small group, positive impact

It’s not just about where you go, it’s how you experience it. We believe in authentic travel, shared experiences and real adventure. Our small group, positive impact tours will benefit our communities, preserve the environments we travel to see, and provide real and positive social exchanges. It also helps us to focus on your trip quality, sustainability and build meaningful connections within our community at the same time ensuring you get the best of your trip, explore and have plenty of fun time. This provides better communication with your leader, greater interaction, more individual care and a reduced environmental impact.

Mountain and Safari Safety measures

We have the best team of trek leaders and climbing guides who are experienced and certified mountaineers. Our local guides and Porters have a great comprehensive understanding of the Mountain and their expertise ensures your trip is most memorable and safe. Our primary focus is Safety. We ensure all our group leaders have completed the wilderness first aid medical course, basic and advance mountaineering courses, and have the experience needed to handle any potential issues that may arise. All medical and safety precautions will be taken by our leaders, as we make it a point of emphasis to provide safety and comfort for all our travellers.

Excellent Success Rates

With more than a decade of experience in the outdoors, our team at Kilimanjaro Heroes Adventures has been organizing safe and successful expeditions in the Himalayas. Our guides, Cooks and Porters are our biggest assets and their extensive experience and expertise in the field has been a huge support in providing 100% success in most of our climbing expeditions. Our high safety standard is second to none and has been the key focus on all our trips. Gear up to experience the adventures with our skilled and knowledgeable guides and embark on the ultimate Safari, Mt Meru, Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Tanzanian journey at large.

Book With Confidence

Travellers can now book their trip with confidence with our flexible booking and payment process. With these options travelling can be easy and the booking hassle free. Our booking policy provides you with complete ease of mind. You can book your trip ahead paying only a small deposit for confirming your trip and pay the remaining after arriving in Moshi Town Tanzania. After booking your desired trip, you can postpone it with our zero-rescheduling policy. This gives you the full flexibility to change your travel plans. Travel with complete confidence by booking your trips through us. With your satisfaction as our top priority, we help you book safe and easy travels.

Responsible Travel

Kilimanjaro Heroes Adventures is committed to Responsible Travel through policies and eco-friendly practices to preserve the environment. We understand that by looking after our wilderness areas and having a total ‘leave no trace’ policy we are preserving the areas that we visit for future generations. We respect and value the social, cultural and religious beliefs of our local communities. We feel strongly that all our trips should benefit local communities, respect local traditions, heritage and also protect the environment by minimising pollution. We believe that Responsible Tourism is about more than just policies. It involves giving something tangible back to the places that we visit. We operate our tours in a responsible and sustainable way, and insist on a “take only memories, leave only footprints” policy. Above all we are committed to the well-being of the communities that are our hosts and their natural environment. When you book one of our adventures you’re supporting true sustainability in the protection of local communities, natural environments and wildlife.

Evarist Ndererubusa

Once you send an inquiry or want to ask any questions, Evarist Ndererubusa will always be there.

He is the Managing Director and he has been to over 20 countries over the world in his quest for the perfect adventure. He has trekked the highlands and forests of Tanzania, cruised the never-ending planes of Serengeti, and hiked Kilimanjaro countless times. He worked as a Porter, and still Mountain and safari Guide.
He Grew Up in Moshi town and Kilimanjaro Heroes Adventure was found in 2013, In a long pursuit to Creating the necessary tourism environment for Travellers Enabling them to enjoy all that Tanzania has to offer and more.

Now with Kilimanjaro Heroes Adventures is how he spreads his love for adventure and self-discovery in the world.

Mwinyi Mkude – Chief Guide

Once you’ll learn how to pronounce His name you will never forget him! He is the friendliest guide you will ever meet in your travels. but what makes him truly exceptional, a part his sense of humour, is that he has a poet’s eye for the landscapes and he knows all the best photographic spots on the remote wilderness of the mountains.

You will live with me unforgettable experiences. Prepare as well to have fun and a lot of stories while on the Mountain.

Laurent Mushi & Michael Kiyanga

The work of Mr. Laurent & Michael is the heart of each and every Kilimanjaro climbing expedition. They are the head of our supplies and equipment depot. It is their team which is responsible for preparing and outfitting our mountain teams. Michael and  Laurent spend most of their time meeting the guides, taking inventory of our depot, washing and fixing tents, camping chairs, tables and other mountain equipment.

The safety and comfort of our mountain expeditions rests on their performance. That is why they personally inspects each and every tent, chair or table before every Kilimanjaro expedition and every safari. They are very meticulous and easily detect the slightest scratch on our equipment. Those with minor damage are patched, while more serious damage means replacing with new equipment for the comfort and safety of our clients.

It is a privilege for the whole team to have them here – Their radiating smiles always keeps us energized and positive once you meet them.